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 on: Today at 11:58:56 AM 
Started by scottman - Last post by scottman
Being in Michigan I'm not sure if its possible without the green house but I will see.

 on: Today at 11:57:05 AM 
Started by vector001 - Last post by shooten
Ok, I'm weak.  They had the CCI BR-2's for what I paid 10 years ago.  I couldn't pass that up.

 on: Today at 11:54:34 AM 
Started by scottman - Last post by Dude McLean

 chia needs the soil to be at 70 to 80 degrees ... does not do well in colder weather .. just sprinkle the seeds on the top of the ground ... it should be very rich soil.. lots of organic matter... will help...


 on: Today at 11:47:40 AM 
Started by George - Last post by Dude McLean

 like everyone has said , you did what you could do... now its time to get you better ...


 on: Today at 11:23:02 AM 
Started by deerstalker - Last post by vector001
....and this is with rules and guidelines ...just imagine when no holds are barred....


 on: Today at 11:13:09 AM 
Started by George - Last post by Bill S
You did what you could.  That's all you can.

Take care of yourself now.  Even if you don't feel like it.

 on: Today at 08:39:34 AM 
Started by Rooster - Last post by Rooster
 A plan has been created by a California firm, for a Solar Paneled Southern Wall that would defray costs 40 to 400 million dollars annually, according to how much mega watts are. It would generate 2,000,000 mega watts per year.
 I always knew California was good for something, hmm, wonder if we could build the wall out of surf boards.


Edited: I retract the statement that the wall design has come from a Calif. firm. The name of the business is Sustainable Technology's, LLc, being represented by Bruce Blakeman. I cannot fax check the verification of the companies location. I still like the idea of surf boards though, inspiration is what it is.

 on: Today at 08:04:32 AM 
Started by George - Last post by Rooster
 Take comfort in the fact that you did do everything you could and that what you've just been through, and what I went through went my mother passed, reaffirms the fact that we're all on His time clock, not our own. Go take care of George.


 on: Today at 07:56:07 AM 
Started by deerstalker - Last post by deerstalker

Since when is a good konk on the head brutal? 

Done right it isn't  Smiley

 on: Today at 06:16:50 AM 
Started by George - Last post by deerstalker

Now I have pneumonia again went to the doctor and he had some x-rays taken. He is sending them to a radiologist to have him check them out. I didn't get much rest when I was taking care of Edith and now I am paying for it but I would do it again, I just wish I could have done more.

I'm sure you did all that could be done George.

Time to look after yourself now.

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